1.) How many leads will you find?

A: Short answer: as many as possible! There will be variation based on search parameters, market, vertical, etc so it’s hard to define a “number of leads”. As an estimate, expect that we’ll show you five to ten actionable deals per month that we’re engaged.

2.) How long does it take to start finding businesses?

A: Within 2 weeks of engagement.

3.) How does it work?

A: We leverage systems we’ve built over dozens of acquisitions as well as the domain expertise that comes from closing a lot of deals to help business buyers find successful acquisitions. We work with you to define your ideal acquisition and then go out and find it, and move the deal forward to close. Our process focuses on the top-of-funnel off-market sourcing — we’ll find businesses that are ‘not for sale’ and start the conversation around selling.

4.) Can you find anything?

A: Yes.

5.) What’s the primary method for finding and contacting businesses?

A: To find businesses we use a collection of techniques that we’ve developed over years of sourcing deals for large PE firms & strategic acquirers. We use tech, process, & people to build targeted lists that cover markets comprehensively. For contact we lean on email (with all the gritty technical stuff for deliverability covered) & send sequences that again have been crafted over thousands and thousands of iterations to convert higher than the competition. (A line we hear pretty regularly – “I never respond to these but this looks interesting, let’s chat” ). In certain offline searches we’ll get on the phone or send direct mail.

6.) Do you help vet the business?

A: Yes. We don’t offer prescriptive advice on whether or not to ‘do a deal’ but we help you objectively assess the benefits, pitfalls, and risks associated with a business. We can help with some light modeling & offer context from other deals we’ve done/seen.

7.) What else is covered?

A: Dealpipe is truly a ‘soup-to-nuts’ buy-side advisory service, so in short, we’ll help however is needed to get your deal done. This covers things like negotiation advice, data exchange, project management around diligence, liaising between various service providers, and more. We also provide detailed reporting/tracking on both a real-time & weekly basis.

8.) What kind of structures are typical for an off-market deal?

A: Really depends! Some cash at close is standard, but deals take all sorts of shapes. Some tools in the kit are seller-financing, bank debt, non-bank debt, SBA funding, & more. We’ll work on your behalf to set terms that increase your chance of success.

9.) Will you tell the business who it is that you are working on behalf of?

A: Up to you! We prefer to run blind in initial outreach (“A buyer we’re representing …”) but also glad to use your name/domain. There’s some benefits to arms-length communication early on, but again, it’s up to you.

10.) Will you handle all the data gathering?

A: We will. We take on the back & forth pre-LOI and then help you set up a data room for the data collection going into diligence.

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